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2010 Stocking Schedule

4 Common Trout Types

Fishing Places (non-trout)
  1. (starting point goes here)
  2. 40.156442,-76.42313
  3. 40.14857,-76.461411
  4. 40.177168,-76.451797
  5. 40.221223,-76.450253
  6. 40.225548,-76.458149
  7. 40.165757,-76.387081


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Rainbow & Brown Trout: "Both rainbow and brown trout are present in many North
American, British and European waters and rivers."

"The most popular lures for both species are small spinners. Upstream fishing is the best
method to choose, as the fish has the chance to see the “food” coming towards it, but in
a brisk flow it can be difficult to keep a spinner working well."

"In these circumstances a small sinking minnow may work better. A floating lure can be
“trotted down” and the retrieve started just before the place where you believe the trout
are lying."

"Brown trout are rather nervy, so fish nice and discretely. They will if in the right mood take
fairly large lures, whereas rainbows prefer small baits. Rainbows love bright colours-
Reds-Oranges and Fluorescents, whereas browns seem to go for silvers-yellows and
naturals best."