Trout Basics

  1. Berkley Trilene XL Monofilament Fishing Line
    - Gotta be 6 lb. test (4 lb test breaks too easy for most trout fishermen)
    - When you put the line on the real, you will probably need to put "backing" on first. "Backing" is some bulk line that will occupy some of the spool so you don't waste a lot of your good line. Save enough space on your real to put an adequate amount of your good line.

  2. The fishing rod: "Ugly Stick" brand are durable and affordable.
    - Best size: around 70 inches ( = 5 foot 10 inches)
    - Shakespeare Ugly Stik GX2 Spinning Combo : 6 foot

  3. How to Cast a Spinning Reel/Rod - For Beginners (
    - Look like a really good video.
    - My opinion differences...
          a. Cast with one hand, not two.
          b. I never manually close the bail.

  4. #8 or #6 Hooks (both ok for trout).
    - #8 gold - trout - I like these best for power bait
    - #6 better for bass
    - I can give you some hooks
    - Get two sizes of split shot (easy on, easy off type).

  5. "Power Bait" - Dull Yellow usually works.
    - "Mealy Worms" or Night Crawlers (if you want to keep them in your refridgerator).

  6. "Artificial Lures"
    - "Rooster Tail Spinner" - 1/16 oz. (in small streams) - Colors: White, or Black, or Chartreuse.
    - "Phoebe Lure" - 1/12 oz. (in small streams), and 1/8 oz. (in lakes) - Colors: Silver (usually) (not 100% certain of sizes).
    - "Weaver Grabber Spoons" - 1/8 oz. - My favorite in lakes. Fish it slow near the bottom. Heavy enough to cast way out.
    - "Panther Martin Deluxe" - buy 'deluxe', others don't spin well for me.
    - "Mepps Spinner" - this is definitely an old favorite.

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